A Compelling Case for Emissions Reduction

Worldwide, 110 million tons of CO2  are released into the earth’s atmosphere and 4 billion gallons of fuel are burned

… every 24 hours!

That is your money going up in smoke.
Emissions are costing you money and opportunity.

While reversing this trajectory is urgent, efforts to significantly curb emissions have been expensive and out of reach.

Until now.

Emissions Science’s technology is revolutionary

This is a game changer

  • Our patent-pending solution significantly lowers emissions and increases fuel economy.
  • It is proven to work on all internal combustion engines (ICE).
  • It can be installed easily, at low-cost, without equipment enhancements or vehicle replacement.
  • Results are immediate, reliable, and significant.

The benefits to people, profit and the planet are significant and enduring.

Works on all internal combustion engines and with all fuels

Our technology is effective on diesel, LNG, propane, gasoline, and natural gas burning engines.

Just imagine the possibilities for your business or organization.

Proven, positive outcomes

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Save money
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Enjoy better engine performance
  • Reduce frequency of maintenance
  • Be good stewards of the planet

Simple, innovative, low-cost results you can count on.

We’re improving the fuel, so you can change the world

Rather than improving engines or applying costly enhancements, our technology effectively improves the fuel. Our proprietary process does a better job of harnessing the energy embodied in the fuel itself.

This results in more efficient combustion in all ICE vehicles and fuel-burning equipment. Through our revolutionary proprietary technology, significant emissions reduction and improvement in fuel efficiency are achieved.

Our device improves how fuel burns, instead of focusing on expensive improvements to engines. The result is a revolutionary leap.

clean energy future

Improve your bottom line and  tackle your emissions

Burn less fuel – no matter the type – and no matter the engine.

Improving fuel efficiency of equipment and vehicles worldwide is the single biggest step we can take today to cut costs and our fossil fuel dependence.

Proudly made and tested in the USA

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